Chief Operations Officer

Lara R. Bainco

Her leadership qualities will definitely contribute to the success of Niwi's global operations.

The feeling that there was always something missing was with her, even after she finished taking 2 courses in her College years. Lara Bainco felt she was meant to do a more meaningful role rather than pursuing a career in Finance or Nursing. In her heart, she was searching for her passion. Finally, she took the step to spread her wings as she landed an HR job in one of the biggest and known FMCG companies in the world. There, she found herself, her purpose was more clear. This was the time that she promised herself that she will be a great HR Head one day.

With her hard work, dedication, perseverance, and love for what she does as HR personnel – she worked her way up the ladder and achieved and exceeded her goal. She now have more than 15 years of HR Operations and Facilities & Administration experience.

Lara spent these years working with different industries (Export, FMCG, BPO, Direct-selling/Multi-Level Marketing and E-Commerce), she felt fortunate to handle different departments (HR, Facilities & Administration, Purchasing, Operations, Customer Service, Training and IT). She even expressed how grateful she was for the simple joys and perks her career had brought her as she gained more experience and opportunity to travel different countries which gave her the privilege to work with different nationalities.

She claims that being in HR can sometimes be challenging, but she emphasized that it can also be very rewarding. Her task in facing multiple roles and managing various responsibilities while keeping the commitment to do her best to support the company’s people, as it’s biggest asset is overwhelming.

Through her knowledge in handling different departments, experience in diverse environment, proven track record of excellent performance, her strong ability to lead change and integrate initiatives, her confidence & innovativeness as she handles challenges with grace and energy – these are qualities that will definitely contribute to the success of Niwi’s global operations.